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    Tangle x Mighty “Bashful Bubble” Fan Art

    Jesus loves you!!! Tangle x Mighty Sketch Challenge #15! I spent WAAAAAYYYYY too long trying to pencil this…but *sigh* here it is! Tangle is wearing a dress reminiscent of bubble tea, the pleats being cheese mousse, and the bottom polka dots based on tapioca! Also, Tangle has a bow, she’s twirling the ribbon on her finger(sorta proud of that hand…) She’s a little bashful about being so dressed for some party, especially in front of Mighty, the friend who’s only seen her action-ready side. On the other hand(I hope you can tell, he’s seen in a mirror reflection), Mighty is definitely mind-blown, but not in the way Tangle was concerned. Yes, this is BEFORE Tangle & Mighty were a couple. Did you know that I have a whole page for Tangle x Mighty, and I write a different description for each of these sketches? Check it out!