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    Talking About My Sonic Fanart

    I recently entered an art contest. The contest encouraged sharing multiple works, and to show HOW you created the pieces. So, I selected four of my finest Sonic fanarts, and created a sort of a sequel to the last time I entered this contest. Below is the entry:

    I’m back this year with another Sonic fanart entry! Sonic fanart really shows the progression of how I’ve grown as an artist–here are four of my best projects so far. Thank you to Jesus + my family & friends! (and we won’t talk about how sparse the appearance of Sonic himself is in this entry…🙃) Jesus loves you!!!

    I create a lot of Sonic fanart, but I’ve specially selected four, each unique in style! (and if you want to see more, just visit my site; there’s TONS) (also, SEGA/affiliates is owner of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise) Let’s do this!

    –“Expecting Lacey”- Tangle x Mighty in the FUTURE–

    This piece tells a story without dialogue in five scenes, conveying various moods you can feel through color and character expression/gestures. From the initial drawings in my sketchbook to planning how it would all work together to implementing that plan and bringing the final piece to life, it is by far the BEST Sonic fanart piece I have created.

    I thought about composition and designed a layout that separated the scenes from each other in a creative way. The characters create most of the natural borders, and details like ribbon and tape were added, harmoniously carrying the viewer's eye through the page. With color theory, I was able to establish mood silently, combining all these elements to create a beautiful storytelling visual.

    This piece also features three characters I created.

    1--Lacey the Lemur, the baby girl in the piece. She is designed to look like her mother and father, with some unique elements of her own. Above is her model sheet.

    2--Marie the Koala, a girl sitting in the cafe. She is based on a Sonic character design challenge with prompts by someone and designed as the niece of Gardon the Koala(Sonic character). She was aged up in this piece since it takes place in the future.

    3--Beaver the Beaver, the guy working behind the counter, drawn in a simplified style. He actually bears a strong resemblance to Ron the Rabbit(another Sonic character).

    --"Wanderlust" – Christmas Mission at the Chaotix--

    See those starry boxes? Those are meant to resemble Operation Christmas Child(OCC) boxes. OCC is a project by Samaritan’s Purse that delivers Christmas gifts for children all over the world, and also shares the good news of Jesus! You can actually Build a Shoebox Online with them any time of the year! Plus, there are many other ways to donate, or even drawing a simple photo for someone, can be a light and joy to them!

    The concept stages started on paper, then the process went digital! Using my 3D modeling skills to create a simplified base to trace, I was able to nail the angles and perspectives of the characters and environment. I chose to render this piece in a painted style, retaining the underlying pencils, which softly helped reinforce everything. Final touches applied in post-production included blur and an overlaid gradient map, giving this piece an aesthetic look.

    --SO PRETTY: Sonic Girls in MKT Outfits Collection--

    These are five individual pieces that I created as a set. Referencing the outfits and poses from Mario Kart Tour renders(owned by Nintendo/affiliates), I drew Sonic girls wearing the outfits instead! I learned to achieve this style from watching a livestream replay--NOT SPED UP--of an artist who draws for SEGA creating Sonic fanart for a personal project. Watching and imitating that approach taught me a great deal. I soaked in how the art was drawn, and that has helped me streamline my process to this day!

    --Sononical: Heroes N’ Hearts--

    Sononical: Heroes N' Hearts is a 20-page fancomic + cover that I produced from concept to final. I studied existing comics, also learning from additional resources. However, I learned SO much about the comic process firsthand--drafting a script, visualizing panel layout with storyboards, laying down pencils & inks, bringing it to life with flats & coloring, placing speech bubbles in the lettering stage--it was fun and rewarding!

    Above is the transformation of one of my favorite pages, "Break the Ice, Cream", from storyboard to final. The basis of the script for this scene was written very early on, and I'm glad I got to keep it in! Not only does it flow well, but the characters' expressions are priceless!


    I hope you enjoyed this entry featuring some of my recent Sonic fanart! Each piece has built my experience, and Sononical even prepared me to create my own original comic series, ARTLESS(issue #1 is free to read on my site, BTW)! I will continue to improve and create more things, and I'm glad I could share this with you! Keep creating good stuff and thank you for reading! Jesus loves you!!!

    Hope you enjoyed that inside look at my Sonic fanart! There's another entry I did in a different category, which is HERE. And of course, I'll keep sharing more art. Just come back to see all the new stuffs, y'hear? XD