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    Cave Interior View of Beach – Environment Study

    From the inside looking out, a desolate cave with some light from the sunny beach. I like the horizon line on this one. Studies from real photos of environments continue! Jesus loves you!!! <– Chair on Tree at Beach From the Beginning Backyard with Door & Tree –>

    Chair on Tree at Beach Sketch Study

    Another environment photo study with sketchy, thick lines! Whoever took this photo really captured the scene. Such amazing composition and perspective! Jesus loves you!!! <– Buildings Outside From the Beginning Cave Interior View of Beach –>

    Boardwalk/Pier Scene Study

    #5 is on the ocean/lake/some water-front! I really love the perspective and loss of detail as it gets further away! Also, changing the brush color for the whole image to purple gave this study more life than the gray ones before it. The environment/bg sketch studies set will continue withRead the Rest…

    ARTLESS Issue #1 | Page 6 | Loud and Clear

    <<Page 5 Start from the Beginning Next Page>> A new face peering through binoculars, but who is she? Page-turning layout working at it’s best… ~If I remember correctly, the speech balloon(last panel at lower right) was initially OUTSIDE the panel frame, but then I read that doing so may makeRead the Rest…

    ARTLESS Issue #1 | Page 5 | Surprising Spray

    <<Page 4 Start from the Beginning Next Page>> WATER FIGHT! The way I chose to portray water is definitely stylized, but it goes with the style of the comic as a whole. FWOOSH–the word I chose for the sound of spraying water. ~More manga/anime style; the extreme glare in Cal’sRead the Rest…

    ARTLESS Issue #1 | Page 4 | Bring the Rain

    <<Page 3 Start from the Beginning Next Page>> Going outside for the first time! I did a lot of environment and interior study sketches that helped a lot when I developed the “sets”, and I also created “model sheets” for my environments so that I could reference it, keeping theRead the Rest…