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    Toddler Lacey the Lemur

    The Questions that Silence Marine | Ray x Marine in the FUTURE

    So maybe the title is ridiculously long, but it’s fitting! Jesus loves you!!! Bringing you a full-fledged Ray x Marine in the FUTURE comic! *screams* The whole family—TANGLE X MIGHTY! LACEY THE LEMUR(MY OC)! MATILDA! RAY X MARINE! *screams again* *ahem–koff* Fun facts: Lil’ Lacey the Lemur is held byRead the Rest…

    Tail Training Tree Tantrum! – Tangle x Mighty

    What a fine day…a mother trying to pass down a skill like tradition to her daughter…just fine… Except for the “skill” is using your tail to hold yourself up as you dangle freely from a tree branch, and her daughter is a toddler who doesn’t like it. Tantrum? She callsRead the Rest…

    “Kiss, Daddy!” Mighty & Lacey | Father-Daughter

    Let me just start this post by blurting out, why couldn’t I have drawn this two weeks ago?! Apparently National Father-Daughter Day is on the second Sunday of October(so this year it was Oct. 9….) Whatever, I like this one anyway, so happy late father-daughter day! Jesus loves you!!! Now,Read the Rest…