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    to be continued

    ARTLESS #2 | Back Cover

    <<Extras Start from the Beginning Meet the Cast of ARTLESS!>> Another back cover and official solicitation/description/blurb done! ARTLESS will continue and be back with Cal and Moxie in the next issue! Jesus loves you!!!

    ARTLESS #2 | Page 20 | Funny Fun-Fun

    <<Page 19 Start from the Beginning Next Page>> And if the title of this page doesn’t leave you laughing like Cal and Moxie, I tried…XD This is not the end of this issue, there is a fun extras page and back cover, so don’t miss it to learn more aboutRead the Rest…

    ARTLESS Issue #1 | Back Cover

    <<Behind the Scenes Start from the Beginning ARTLESS Issue #2>> The back cover(which was a thing of it’s own to layout and design, yet important), features the official solicitation/description for issue #1! It also announces that ARTLESS will be continued, with two simple art drawings of Cal & Moxie! (shareRead the Rest…

    ARTLESS Issue #1 | Page 20 | Sweat & Rain

    <<Page 19 Start from the Beginning Next Page>> Ha-ha, she couldn’t wait to show him even if she tried! And looks like the rain finally came after a delay! This is the end of issue #1(well, there is an extra behind-the-scenes page + the back cover with simple art), butRead the Rest…