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    Silver x Blaze

    Silver x Blaze “Raindrop” Cute Art

    Looky who it is in “Valentine’s Series” #4! Sitting on a bench(more than likely under an overhang), Blaze holds shy Silver‘s hand while she catches the rain in her other hand as it drops. Come back, there’s more “Valentine’s Series” coming your way, SOON! (#3: Sonic x Amy HERE) JesusRead the Rest…

    Silently Defining: Shiny Stars and Crosses

    In art, many things cumulatively make up the whole. We try to use all the pieces in harmony to convey what we want to the audience. Even in comics, which utilize dialogue, the art itself speaks volumes, and any non-verbal gestures or details can significantly aid in defining the initialRead the Rest…

    Silver x Blaze “Honest Moment” Comic Snippet

    A new comic snippet with Silver the Hedgehog & Blaze the Cat(*koff* and Sonic)! Silver admires Blaze’s ice skating, and then innocently admits that Blaze is beautiful, by accident, to Sonic(who Silver didn’t even know was standing there!) Jesus loves you!!! Now, discussing the perspective from the art side! IRead the Rest…