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    shadow is also mentioned

    “For You and Yours” – Christmas Whisper

    Let the Christmas art–BEGIN! I have drawn Whisper in her adorable sweater for the 3rd year in a row; this seems to have become my tradition! Being creative with the title once again this year, “For You and Yours”, captures the fact that this piece and it’s message of TruthRead the Rest…

    Sononical: Heroes N’ Hearts | Page 15 | Table Surprises

    <<Page 14 Start from the Beginning Next Page>> Tangle and Mighty do recognize each other! Probably the last person each one expected to see here… ~So many surprises going on, just see how many of those 3-line things you can see above people’s heads. (Sononical is an unofficial Sonic fanRead the Rest…

    Sononical: Heroes N’ Hearts | Page 14 | Rouge Lands

    <<Page 13 Start from the Beginning Next Page>> 14 pages in and here’s Rouge the Bat, over and out. ~*tsk* Knuckles…why aren’t you coming? (if you wanna see knuckles art…) ~~Hey, if you’re enjoying this fancomic, please tell others about it! Thanks for being an awesome reader! Jesus loves you!!!Read the Rest…