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    “Nice to Meet Ya!” Luigi x Daisy Fanart

    In a possible scenario of the two meeting for the first time, one of the best couples EVER, Luigi x Daisy! Daisy flies up suddenly, excitedly shaking Luigi’s hand as she declares, “Nice to meet ya!”. Luigi timidly returns the handshake, feeling a bit nervous due to Daisy’s lively personality(orRead the Rest…

    The Super Mario Bros. Movie Sketch Studies!

    “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” is now in theaters! I did these sketch studies of Movie Mario(well, I tried; he kept wanting to be video game style–LOL), Movie Luigi(he actually turned out alright), Movie Peach(being human, she’s also difficult), and Movie Toad(his facial proportions…) I think it’s a really niceRead the Rest…

    100 Meme Challenge!!!

    I split up the 100 Faces Meme Challenge with another artist. A new image drawn within an hour(-ish) time limit daily! Jesus loves you!!! Day 1: Cream the Rabbit😀 Cream is so cute, this is such an innocent child-like expression! Tried doing some hatching for the shaded spots, gonna needRead the Rest…