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Team Sonic Racing: Spiral Hill DLC Pack

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for…the Team Sonic Racing Spiral Hill DLC pack! Buy it today to unlock Tangle, Whisper, & Jewel as racers, and race through Spiral Hill for the first time EVER! *sigh* I wish I could say it was real, but sadly, this is only anRead the Rest…

Aun More Mas Tangle x Mighty Sketch Studies!

Jesus loves you!!! Again with the Spanish, “Even More More” Tangle x Mighty sketches from reference(see round 4) for the 5th and final day in a row of these conclusive study sheets! Only did 2 “sketches”, but I went all out drawing like, full-ish scenes, drawing the props and BGs,Read the Rest…

Jewel the Beetle Spring Fan Art Coloring Page/Line Art

A free Jewel the Beetle Spring Fan Art coloring page/line art! Jesus loves you!!! The picture may not print as the size of the paper. If you like this, please consider supporting us on Patreon and view more coloring pages here!

Jewel the Beetle Spring Fan Art

Ta-dah! We drew Sonic the Hedgehog: Jewel the Beetle Spring Fan Art! It says “Jesus is Alive!!!” in English on top and in Japanese on the bottom! The outfit she’s wearing is from an alternate unused concept design for her! Coloring Page/Line Art version here! Enjoy it! Jesus loves you!!!