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    “Korean Cheese Dog” Animatic | Shadow x Whisper

    For my final lesson, the assignment was to create an animatic, specifically from the storyboards created in the second lesson: Korean Cheese Dog. Jesus loves you!!! This was really awesome. I got to work in a program that I’ve never really worked in before called Storyboard Pro 22 by ToonRead the Rest…

    Wind Gust – Ray x Marine in the FUTURE

    More squash and stretch practice in the form of a rough 2D animation/animatic, this time feat. Ray x Marine (in the FUTURE as adults)! Jesus loves you!!! So short? Yeah, it was a really quick one I did with like–what–less than 10 frames? And what happens next?! Surely they don’tRead the Rest…

    Tangle Crash, Mighty Run! | Rough 2D Anim

    So, in THIS post, I mentioned that I was trying to practice some animation skills, and “hint hint”. This is what I was working on, and I love how it turned out! Heart if you want to see more rough animations like this from me! Jesus loves you!!! I receivedRead the Rest…