It's Flamingo Frenzy Time!

Like my art? Well, it's coming. Something new and exciting. Maybe even unexpected, like the flamingo in the BG. You probably didn't think she was going to show up on your screen...

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Sonic: Mighty Scooping Up Tangle Fan Art

Jesus loves you!!! I’ve already got a bit on my plate, with the half of the 100 Faces Meme Challenge I’m doing daily, nearly halfway there, and 3D modeling Belle(on a temp pause…also almost done), but I’m throwing something new into the mix! I’m going to try to do a Tangle the Lemur x Mighty the Armadillo sketch everyday, following some examples and a list I’ve found, from now all throughout May! It’s a lot, but it’s fun, and new Tangle x Mighty fan art(YAY)! And I found out that I am NOT the only one who ships Tangle x Mighty! I saw a video titled it, and there was someone who did a fan art piece a few months ago(this person beat me to posting it online, but I shipped Tangle & Mighty before that was even posted.)

Pencil Sketch took 1 hour and 2 minutes, Color added digitally(multiply, soft light, & linear burn is AMAZING)