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    Shadow the Hedgehog x Whisper the Wolf | Sonic the Hedgehog

    All right, listen. There’s a page filled with fanart about Tangle x Mighty, and although the amount of fanart I’ve posted with those two outruns this page by a mile(at least…), I’ve definitely created enough art by now for a Shadow x Whisper page, so let’s go! (sorted by oldest-newest) Please enjoy! Jesus loves you!!!

    The first Shadow x Whisper piece I ever posted! (yes, yes, even though he’s angry and she’s scared…)

    This one’s a stretch, but it’s here because Whisper “mentions” Shadow. (but the reason she mentions him is because she’s glad he’s NOT there?) Keep scrolling, it gets better…READ SONONICAL: HEROES N’ HEARTS(my 20-page fancomic)(and spoiler–Shadow never appears in that comic…sorry)

    I’M SORRY THAT THIS ISNT COMPLETELY RELEVANT EITHER–*phew* So, this was a two-part comic that showed what Whisper’s heart has been through in the past. But hey, Shadow notices her in the last panel, which is in the present! (we’re getting somewhere–haha!)

    Just hold on a little longer–not exactly a Shadow x Whisper art here, but since they both appear in the art(+bonus–Whisper is watching the boys about to race)! Not to turn this into a SonAmy post, but it’s clearly evident–Amy LOVES Sonic.

    Shadow & Whisper were both a part of the gathering at the Chaotix’ Office to put together Operation Christmas Child boxes for kids around the world to hear about Jesus! Let your light shine!

    *facepalm* (and then there’s this piece…lovely) SO…there’s tension…MORE PIECES–keep scrolling!!

    Whisper falls down to her knees in terror after Shadow takes a brutal hit(probably from something Eggman-related…yeah…)

    Hugs, hugs, hugs! I divided this one up to three pieces at phone wallpaper size, just click on the picture above and it’ll take you to the main post with that!

    This piece takes place in a moment of tranquility, amidst all of the action that’s actually going on, as the two gaze into the other’s starry eyes.

    Before Whisper departs on her journey, Shadow fastens her cape. Bidding her farewell simply with, “Stay safe…”, it’s as if he’s really trying to say, “I care about you…”

    Another 2-part comic, “Roses are Red”, but this one actually revolves around Shadow & Whisper in a “Shadow X Whisper” way. Encountering her on any other day is interesting enough, but Valentine’s Day? That’s a tough one…

    As I apologize for not posting more with them sooner, the Shadow x Whisper art drought is broken with some “Korean Cheese Dog Commotion”. It’s not the combo you expected, but it’s everything you ever wanted. XD

    On a mission under cover of night with a full moon lighting the way, Shadow signals for Whisper to cross over to the other side.

    Christmas Whisper in her Christmas sweater on a CHRIST-mas background with a Christmas gift–for Shadow?!

    Remember Jesus loves you and Merry CHRISTmas! Another piece where Shadow and Whisper are present, but not a couple yet…

    Yeah, I’m including this even though there’s a ridiculously large amount of characters in the piece–because guess what–Shadow and Whisper are in it too! He’s even got her attention, so there! XDD

    Whisper literally fell for Shadow in this blushin’ + crushin’ piece. Good thing he caught her!

    Shadow reaches out to help Whisper up from the ground.

    She just found out he was behind her from the sound of his voice.

    A little sequence that ties into the same “Korean Cheese Dog” theme from the piece that appeared earlier. Even after annoying each other (not a couple yet), the scene ends happy when Whisper slides over a K-Dog to Shadow and he accepts it!

    ANDDDDD now we have the ANIMATIC version of that sequence…push over still frames, this is a video!

    Although these two are puzzled about each other, he’s thinking about her and she’s thinking about him!

    Thanks for looking through my Shadow x Whisper art(even the ones that were a stretch!) There’s always more to be drawn, and Shadow x Whisper are NO exception to that in my book(–that is to say, my SKETCH-book?) SO BOOKMARK THIS PAGE PLZ! Feel free to browse through my other art on the site, the Tangle x Mighty page, “Valentine’s Series” artwork, or just choose for yourself! Thank you again, and don’t forget to give lots of hearts if you like “Shadow x Whisper“! Jesus loves you!!!