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    Science: The Basics

    What is Science?

    Science is (in a broad scope) the study of biology, chemistry, astronomy, DNA and genetics, physics, and mechanics(such as machines). In science, if you want to scientifically prove something you must use the scientific method. Please remember that the definition of “prove” in this article will be “proving with the scientific method”. Now that we have the definition of science down, we can move on.

    Evolution vs. Creation

    Most popular scientists are evolutionists. In almost any case, never accept anything as fact without looking into it first. Please apply this especially when it comes to Biblical principles. If you have been/are in a non-Christian school, you know that they teach evolution as fact. This is not true, in fact Evolution is theory, and cannot be proved by the scientific method(Neither can Creation be proved by the scientific method, but as said in Psalms 19:1

    The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.”)

    And to put the cherry on top, Evolution breaks many laws of science. Examples of a law in science that you should be very familiar with that Evolution breaks is:

    “Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy:Neither matter nor energy can be created or destroyed but they can be changed from one form to the other.”

    Incredible! One of the most important laws(don’t get me wrong, all the laws are important)is broken by Evolution! I know what you’re thinking. Creation breaks the law. Bonk! Wrong answer! Remember, because God is supernatural He can go outside of the laws of science. After all, if He created the universe, He created the laws with it. Atoms in turn, as the quote-unquote “Big Bang Theory” states, was the origin of everything and evolved into more things. This obviously breaks the Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy.



    Have you ever studied entropy? Entropy is the amount of disorder in the universe. The Second Law of Thermodynamics states:

    “The amount of usable energy in the universe is decreasing.”

    How then is it that in the theory of Evolution things went from disorganized to organized while this law clearly states that things are going from organized to disorganized.

    Old-Aged Earth

    Many things show that the earth is not of Old Age. Such as, if the sun is shrinking, and everything is billions of years old, wouldn’t the sun be kind of small? After all, don’t they say the sun was one of the first things to evolve? And even then, if the earth was even 25,000 years old(a small fraction of billions of years)all bodies of water(including oceans) would be dried up off the face of the earth!


    Everything in the Bible lines up with everything happening. A true historian can’t deny the fact that David was once king and his son Solomon was also once king. A true historian can’t deny that Jesus walked and died on the cross for our sins on this Earth. If you’ve ever caught a Evolutionist off guard, you could see that the whole theory of Evolution would change.

    Thanks for reading and stay checking up for more articles to come!

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