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    “Rouge Gets Fired” – Vector x Rouge Storyboard Thumbnails

    My third lesson assignment piece. (second one HERE) Once again, I was provided a prompt, but I put my own spin on it! Jesus loves you!!!

    Another really random situation where Rouge is whimsically thrown behind the jewelry counter working as a clerk! My hope is that the boards visually convey the story to you, but here’s a recap:

    Rouge is working as a jewelry clerk. Of course, she can’t resist the chance to try on the beautiful necklace on display, but when her boss finds out, she gets fired! Retaining all dignity, she surrenders her name tag and returns the necklace. But her composure falls apart as she frustratingly leaves the mall, feeling disappointment sink in after continuing a few steps. Vector shows up–SURPRISE–he bought the necklace for her! Rouge flies into his arms, extremely thankful. Happy ending.