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    Redrawn: Sonic the Hedgehog Panels

    This is a colored pencil drawing I did on letter sized paper last year. I entered it into a contest last year with two other pieces I may eventually share(it was NOT Sonic-only contest; and no, I didn’t advance as a finalist if inquiring minds want to know). Besides that, I haven’t really showed off this piece for you viewers, so here ya’ go! I remember being so proud of this piece, and honestly, I still am. Here’s an excerpt of text I wrote when I entered it to that contest I mentioned.

    “The sketch above is based on pages from Sonic the Hedgehog. Originally, these inserts take place on two different pages. However, I combined the bottom and top of these pages to recreate the comic as if it belonged on one page. I began drawing by first outlining the boxes with a ruler. Secondly, I drew the character outlines with a pencil. After that, I added color, letters, and any other finishing details. I’m really happy with how it came out, and a main feature I’m particularly proud of are the fingers.”

    I’m still proud of those fingers. 😏

    My art has come such a long way in that time, and as I look at other artists for inspiration, I only hope it will continue to improve. Speaking of improvement, I posted a post(how else do I word that…) showing off my drawing progression of over one year of Sonic the Hedgehog & Tangle the Lemur! As always, Jesus loves you!!!

    You can find more Sonic stuff here. Jesus loves you!!!