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    Powerhouse Poses with Matilda the Armadillo

    From the desk of…ME! XD

    I had fun mildly decorating and sprucing up the area around the Matilda page in my sketchbook, giving these photos some life with (fake) greenery! Jesus loves you!!!

    Now about the drawings(so this doesn’t turn into a photography post lol), more squashing & stretching practice! My favs are the ones of her lightly running and in mid-air; those feel so natural and in motion, even if proportions are off (but at the same time, isn’t squash + stretch about breaking the normal sizing of things?) (notice there are no speech bubbles for ANY of these; can you imagine different scenarios?)

    Drawing these help me see what I’d like to improve the next time! As far as constructive self-critique(helpful takeaways from this, thus “constructive criticism”; not being critical like, “THIS IS AWFUL!”, and then quitting)…upper-left, her legs feel static; upper-right, can be stretched out wider for more exaggeration + a notch up with her expression would be nice(though as-is, this one could also represent a middle animation frame); The largest one in middle, I want to work more on relaxed poses; full-color, proportions were off, not due to squash + stretch; landing impact, I realized after that her back arm should have been posed differently to achieve what I wanted

    I may not have discovered some of this if I didn’t actually draw her, so that’s why it’s GREAT to practice! And that concludes a very deep dive into my analysis of things. You didn’t think everything I draw comes out exactly how I want it to everytime did you?

    (above, my old art from years ago–I’ve learned so much)

    As you saw, I observed in a constructive way–that is, learning from what I did–and I know I can try to get it next time! Just keep drawing, don’t overwhelm yourself, even focusing on just one aspect you’d like to improve at, and know you’ve got this!