Sonic VS Belle 3D Animation

Jesus loves you!!! oh my goodness, this is really it! And I finished this just in time for Sonic‘s birthday(oh yeah, happy 31st bday Sonic, the forever 15-yo, lol) Modeling, rigging, n’ animating Belle, plus all the rest was such a blast and I’m so happy the animation more

*watch it, just do it, plz

Tangle the Lemur x Mighty the Armadillo

What?! Yes, here is the stuff with Tangle the Lemur & Mighty the Armadillo, two Sonic characters we proudly ship. On this page, you’ll find LOTS Tangle x Mighty content(like seriously, it's unbelievable)! Fan Art, drawing time-lapses, even an animation! Jesus loves you!!!

let's see what this is all about!

♥Shadow the Hedgehog x Whisper the Wolf♥

I present this piece, which reveals the girl who I REALLY ship Shadow the Hedgehog with. Ladies and gentlemen, Shadow the Hedgehog x Whisper the Wolf! ♥♥♥ Titled, “Confrontation”, I dunno, maybe Shadow marched up in fury because he just couldn’t take it more

*yo, i drew that?

Pretty Surge the Tenrec in a Dress w/ Hair Down

I drew Surge the Tenrec from Sonic the Hedgehog in a…I guess I’ll call it a shredded-type floor-length dress! A very show-stopping moment is created in the spotlight as wind blows Surge’s hair with the rolling fog, but would any guy dare to dance with this girl who’ more

*i love this piece

Moxie MustardSeed in The Great Hand-to-Hand Fighting Meme

...I’m so excited to unveil my new character! Her name is Moxie MustardSeed, and I plan on releasing more content with her, so be on the look out! For now, please enjoy her debut more

*give her some love

The 100 Faces Meme Challenge(Completed!)

Split up the 100 Faces Meme Challenge with another artist! 50 images drawn within an hour(-ish) time limit(excluding the final one!) Jesus loves you!!!

view them all!

Lacey the Lemur in Hairstyles X Blushing Meme

Hello again everyone! It’s Lacey, it’s another meme, it’s Lacey in the Hairstyles X Blushing Meme! I combined elements of these meme challenges to create one awesome meme featuring Lacey! But who’s Lacey? In case you missed it, Lacey is my new Sonic OC. She is the daughter of MightyRead the Rest…

My New Sonic OC: Lacey the Lemur

One of the best model sheets I’ve ever done(ooh, I could 3D model her; STOP don’t get ideas….), here she is, Lacey the Lemur! The daughter of Tangle the Lemur & Mighty the Armadillo from a future timeline where Tangle & Mighty are married! She’s so cute, I love thisRead the Rest…

SO PRETTY: Tangle the Lemur as Butterfly Daisy

This fanart…*screams* I—-just—I drew this? Tangle is wearing Butterfly Daisy’s dress(Princess Daisy from Super Mario) and posing the same as the main Butterfly Daisy photo. I heavily imitated the style of a famous Sonic artist, and I also relied on the pose, look, and shade/light properties of the Princess DaisyRead the Rest…

Tangle x Mighty Sunrise Heart Hands

It’s hands everyone…but the gloves are recognizable, so you know that this is Tangle x Mighty! I just really let loose with this one, referencing a stock photo for the base of the hands. We’re talking multiple light/shade layers, primary light/shade and then bounce back light/shade.

Team Sonic Racing: Spiral Hill DLC Pack

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for…the Team Sonic Racing Spiral Hill DLC pack! Buy it today to unlock Tangle, Whisper, & Jewel as racers, and race through Spiral Hill for the first time EVER! *sigh* I wish I could say it was real, but sadly, this is only anRead the Rest…

Ask Sonic on TailsTube: Tangle’s Wild Ride

Yup, this is what happened. 1, she asks why Sonic sometimes drives a racecar. 2, her question gets answered on TailsTube. 3, next thing we know, she’s off in a racecar herself. Like this concept for Tangle in the “Wild Ride”? Then you’ll definitely want to take a look atRead the Rest…

Sketch Study Sonic Character Memes

Tangle the Lemur, Mighty the Armadillo, Matilda the Armadillo, Ray the Flying Squirrel | just one big happy fam

I did more sketches from reference, and now, combined with fanart and other sketch studies I did, here are some random memes! Ft. Tangle the Lemur, Mighty the Armadillo, Matilda the Armadillo, Ray the Flying Squirrel, Tails the Fox, Dave the Intern, Belle the Tinkerer, and once again, surprise guest,Read the Rest…

Tangle x Mighty @ Twinkle Park’s High Striker

Jesus loves you!!! Here we go, Tangle the Lemur x Mighty the Armadillo AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! (because, I did like A LOT if you haven’t seen that) Tangle & Mighty are at Twinkle Park playing the High Striker/Strength Test carnival game. Well, actually, it was Tangle’s turn, but—just read the speech bubbles…Read the Rest…

Dave the Intern x Surge the Tenrec Fan Art??

Surge the Tenrec zooms up and sporadically holds Dave the Intern’s(is that apostrophe right?) hand. She’s just like, all starry-eyed, and then there’s him…just like, NOT returning the affection… This might seem strange, but I think the idea is…interesting…Maybe there’ll be more Dave x Surge fanart in the future(hmm….) ShowRead the Rest…

Lanolin the Sheep Visiting Family Farm

It’s Lanolin the Sheep! She returned home to visit her family farm! (you think Lanolin is a country girl?) Put this one together kind of quickly(notice there’s no shading, ha-ha), but I still think she came out really cute. Background image is from Pixabay, and yeah! Jesus loves you!!!