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    “One More Day” Tangle x Mighty in the Future Comic

    This beautiful comic page expands on Tangle the Lemur & Mighty the Armadillo‘s life in the future! It’s the day before their wedding, and their anticipation levels are like kids on Christmas Eve. Also, Tangle & Mighty have never kissed, they decided to wait until they get married, so that makes their special day EVEN MORE special! (and good thing Ray was there to ensure that everything actually goes according to plan) Jesus loves you!!!

    About the art…IM PROUD OF THE EYES, OKAY?! But I’m actually really happy with the whole page, and I hope that you can tell Mighty is supposed to be dusting petals, flowers, etc. off of Tangle’s head by running his fingers through her hair…kind of a interesting thing to portray.

    The process for this piece was pretty planned out(not to say things didn’t change IN the process)

    1. A solid draft script was established and I divided dialogue/actions into panels in a text editor.
    2. Fleshed out a very loose storyboard based on the said script(with my finger at that!)
    3. Sketched out base pencils in my sketchbook(ironically using a ballpoint pen)
    4. Scanned the “pencils” in and the process went digital!(additions were also made digitally, such as backgrounds and Ray standing in the BG)

    OH! Lastly, I’ve said previously how much I love the textured pen, but something that bothers me is that it appears too sharp and crisp, even from a distance. In this photo(not including the panel borders), I changed the “gap” setting on the texture brush so that it was less texturized, and I think that helped soften the line art!