My Whisper the Wolf Drawings/Fan Art

Jesus loves you!!! So, I’ve come a real long way drawing Sonic characters since I started drawing these, but I’m still sharing them! For some of these early drawings of Whisper, I was drawing with like, lines, I didn’t really use/rely on shapes to block out a basis as much as I do now, which is probably why proportions are off. All of these drawings except the Christmas one are straight from reference. For the Christmas one, I obviously referenced photos to help, but it’s my own style? I hope that makes sense…please enjoy it! Also, I recorded and timelapsed myself drawing ALL of these, those are below as well. Like this? See more of my Sonic art by clicking on the word Sonic.

Whisper the Wolf – Sweep
Whisper the Wolf – Fistbump
Whisper the Wolf- Happy
Whisper the Wolf – Whee
Whisper the Wolf – Eating
Whisper the Wolf – Christmas(my style)