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    My Assignment: 10 Unique Storyboards

    So, you can see the layout/format, it’s in grayscale…this is a storyboard assignment! I’m taking a course that’s temporarily(?) free(I think), and this is for the first lesson! I hope to improve my skills more and I know this will carry into creating comics, which have many, MANY panels. Jesus loves you!!!

    “Here Comes the Bride” – Tangle x Mighty in the FUTURE

    The bride makes her appearance, and while everyone else is watching the groom shed a tear, he’s the happiest man on Earth! (of course I drew Tangle x Mighty…) (and I made Antoine the wedding officiator cuz why not? he’s holding the Bible)

    Thinking about composition and framing, Tangle’s tail is really useful for these things!

    “Attention” – Moxie and Cal MustardSeed

    Moxie comes running after her big brother with a concerned look–but why? I think that’s something Cal would also like to know, but he might need to wait a second for Moxie to catch her breath.

    I love the motion of the lines in this one, really loose but distinguishable.

    “New Perspective” – Shadow x Whisper

    Utilizing a tilted horizon(those guidelines in the bg, that’s the horizon), to create an unsteady feeling, Shadow is seen lending his hand to Whisper for assistance. Then…is the scene unsteady because she fell or because she’s still unsure of Shadow?? (or perhaps a little of both?)

    “Sisters Hanging Out” – Lacey and Terry

    Here are the two sloth sisters, Lacey and Terry, just hanging out in their backyard!

    “Pier Joy” – Ray x Marine in the FUTURE (adults)

    Marine frames the ideal photo with her hands, which stops Ray from taking his picture for a second. (in the FUTURE)

    “Double Play” – Sue and Hobey

    Will Sue get to first base safely, or will Hobey receive the ball in time and get his sister out?

    “Gloomy Glum” – Tangle x Mighty ft. Vector

    Tangle softly approaches Mighty who seems to be gloomy glum(sad) about something. Vector hopes Tangle can help as he closes the door, creating a darker scene that visually conveys sadness as light only vaguely peers through blinds onto Mighty. (thanks for helpin mah board out Vector XD)

    “For Us” – Tangle x Mighty ft. Matilda and Ray

    A calm, romantic Tangle x Mighty forest scene, anyone? I imagine this could take place sometime after the previous “gloomy glum” board. So many ideas!! And of course, Matilda and Ray, Mighty’s younger siblings, were totally in on this (fistbumping–haha)

    “Aisle Walk” – Tangle x Mighty in the FUTURE

    Yes, Vector will walk Tangle down the aisle! XDD It’s kind of random, but I actually like the idea. Just read the Vector quotes from Sononical(my 20-page fancomic) when he was talking to Mighty about Tangle (*scoff* because of course, Vector always knew this day would come; yeah right, at that point, he didn’t even know that the girl Mighty met was Tangle!)

    “It’s that girl, isn’t it?” “Sounds like she took a chance on you.” “Yep, he’s got it bad.”

    (heart for this everybody)

    “Another” – Shadow x Whisper

    “Another”, the title defines the presence of uneasiness due to the appearance of Shadow. It’s like one of those scenes where at first all you see is Whisper and then Shadow starts speaking while the camera pans over to reveal him on screen, so you were surprised just like Whisper was. (we must think of this as the directors!! XD)

    There you have it, 10 new pieces at the same time, storyboard quality. I mayyyy (emphasis on the yyyyy) post these individually, not necessarily saying anything new, but you’d be able to heart individual ones, so I mayyyyyyyyy do that…haha. Thank you for viewing!