Moxie MustardSeed in The Great Hand-to-Hand Fighting Meme

Hello, everyone! So, maybe you’ve never been here before, or you know me from my Sonic art, but I’m so excited to unveil my new character! Her name is Moxie MustardSeed, and I plan on releasing more content with her, so be on the look out! For now, please enjoy her debut in “The Great Hand-to-Hand Fighting Meme”! This is a challenge/meme fill-out drawing thing from like, 15-ish years ago. I came across it because another artist did it, and I was like, YES…so I finally got around to it! Now, Moxie has her regular character look/design, and then her Sonic style(which appears more in this meme) And I also hope you enjoy the three appearances of me(heehee…)