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    More Old Tangle the Lemur Art

    And partially unfinished, I might add, in addition to the title. What can I say about this old art…well, first of all, Tangle, again(I told you I drew this girl a lot!). Second, this art, it’s old, like, from last year, which is a long time for me along the art road journey-ness. The way that I did inks back then was SO needlessly complicated, oh my goodness. Drawing steady lines, particularly if you’re new to digital art, can feel impossible. For anyone who doesn’t know, this problem is easily solved by using a digital feature called stabilization. However, for this piece the process was something like: sketch, ink sketchy messy(as the last two are), clean up the inks by erasing and adding back….SO TIME CONSUMING AND ANNOYING!!! I could have even left it sketchy, I know that now, but yeah, trial and error! Jesus loves you!!!