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    “Mission Moonlight” ft. Shadow x Whisper

    It’s a quiet night, the moon is a bright full circle in the night sky, and everything is still–WHOOSH–wait, what was that black blur?! Shadow and Whisper are teaming up at this hour for “Mission Moonlight”, where discreteness is key. With speed and fur that nearly disappears in the nightscape, Shadow zooms ahead, then motions to Whisper that it’s safe to proceed. Jesus loves you!!!

    This piece revolves around the same idea of an official piece where Shadow was on a midnight mission alone. I got theatrical and used a mini round light to illuminate the page, imitating the full moon! It makes the picture DYNAMIC, don’t you think? Below is the scan for a “non-theatrical” view, and also a progress view briefly showing my steps for creating this piece.

    The MOTION! It’s definitely got your eyes moving to the right, doesn’t it? Whisper enters left, running right–you see Shadow’s hand movement, eventually guiding you to see Shadow himself, looking off page to the right somewhere. But what–WHAT–is he looking at? (to be real, probably just keeping look out, but never rule out the possibility for extended ideas!)