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Marie the Koala – Sonic OC Challenge

Something I whipped really quick when I saw someone made a Sonic OC(original character) Challenge. It was an awesomely detailed list for choosing clothing, will the new character be a boy or girl, etc. I initially answered the questions based on Amy Rose, but then things changed, and as I started to develop a story for this character in my mind things…found direction? So I didn’t stick STRICTLY, but it was an excellent prompt, thank you SO much to the creator of the challenge!

Marie the Koala(pronounce ma-ree, not Mary) is a nine year old girl, and niece of Gardon the Koala(Blaze the Cat’s loyal servant). Her ears are very fluffy and resemble poofy pigtails, complementing her wispy bangs.

Marie is a very, VERY, big fan of “Princess Blaze”, whose influence can be seen in Marie’s attire. She wears a golden scarf to imitate Blaze’s collar, with a pink jacket/bow, purple dress, and golden sandals to match Blaze’s color palette.