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    Maria, Big, Jet, & Bean: 4 Sonic Fanarts Challenge

    There are characters that haven’t made many appearances in my fanart, so I compiled a list of some of those characters. Ran a poll, got results, and the four chosen characters ended up being: Maria Robotnik, Big the Cat, Jet the Hawk, and Bean the Dynamite. I sketched them all out on a canvas. (you can also see there are cameo appearances of Shadow, Wave, and Froggy)

    Then I ran a poll asking folks who I should NOT ink in the next round. The results came in, and Big stayed as a sketch.

    About now you understand how this whole thing went, right? I did yet ANOTHER poll, this time asking the ladies and gentlemen, who should not be “flatted”(the process of applying base colors to the characters). Jet was voted out.

    Lastly, the final poll was a head-to-head battle for the ages: Maria vs. Bean. It was very close, Bean slightly edged out Maria, and so, he was the winner. Bean successfully became a completed piece.

    I’m happy with how this entire piece turned out, and it was SO fun(maybe another in the future, huh?) Anyway, a huge thank you to everyone who voted throughout the whole process of this piece, and thank YOU, reader! Jesus loves you!!!

    ALSO, Bean, he’s a fully finished piece, I turned him into a printable ornament for your enjoyment this Christmas season! HERE!