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    Lanolin the Sheep in Action!

    For the last Inktober post I’m sharing, Lanolin the Sheep in Action! The last time I drew Lanolin, she was wearing her dress, this time she’s bursting out the door in her action attire! Plus, there is a cute “I <3 Jesus” sign in her house! Jesus loves you!!!

    Also, below shows a kind of progression for these paint swatch prompt things!

    First off(not shown), swatch name, Lanolin. Self-explanatory. I drew Lanolin the Sheep.

    Second, I sketched out Lanolin and extras with pencil.

    Third, I inked with a pen. I also used the edge of a different paint swatch to achieve straight edges on places like the door and baseboard. (notice I added the “I <3 Jesus” sign and changed the doorbell sign from “Ring Don’t Knock” to “Ring Please” inbetween the pencil and ink photos)

    Fourth, wait for the ink to dry(or else it will smudge when you try to erase the underlying pencil).

    Fifth, erase the pencil away! A kneaded eraser is really good for this!