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    Korean Cheese Dog Commotion ft. Shadow x Whisper

    *gasppppppp* Has it really been EIGHT months since I posted any fanart of these two?! I need to post more with them, FOR-REAL. Jesus loves you!!!

    Whisper is munching on a Korean cheese dog(also famously known as K-dogs–have you heard of this street food?), but she is interrupted by an annoyed Shadow who is shamelessly gesturing for her to discard the tasty treat. Why? Obviously to be serious and focus on whatever mission is at hand…of course, you could view it differently–like Shadow used that as an excuse to get Whisper’s attention. 😉 (however, as the artist, I feel like this piece might not take place at a time where they REALLY have feelings for each other; but it could still work either way :// )

    Well, the inks continue this month, and I hope to send more Shadow x Whisper your way real soon!