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    Hedgehog Battle : 4 Sonic Fanarts #3

    4 Sonic Fanarts returns for third time with “Hedgehog Battle”! This time the choices were Amy Rose the Hedgehog, Irish the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, Silver the Hedgehog, & Sonic the Hedgehog (*phew* that’s a lot of hedgehogs!)

    Irish was knocked out of the first round, receiving the most votes of who I should NOT draw. (but I will draw him individually! he didn’t get the attention he deserved + others agree)

    Sketch-sketch…there was lots of wind with this one, and I imagined a scene where Sonic zipped through everyone’s panels before coolly landing in his own. Next poll determined who I would NOT ink–Amy was knocked out, so she remained pencils.

    This was no longer a “Hedgehog Battle”, but a “Triple S” Battle–Shadow, Silver, and Sonic. Which of these boys would be the two to receive flat color before heading to the final round? Not Sonic. He was voted out.

    Shadow vs. Silver…who would be the winner and become a finalized piece of fan art?

    Silver won, and like the other times I did this challenge, he is also available as an ornament/activity printable! Thank you so VERY much to everyone who voted and to you for reading! Jesus loves you!!!