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    Happy, Sad, Mad Sonic Character Inks

    Some character inks from my sketchbook–there will be more of that this month, so look forward to it! Jesus loves you!!!

    First, a scene redraw of Matilda the Armadillo with her older brother, Mighty the Armadillo. I redrew this from the opposite angle of the original, so that the camera is over Mighty’s shoulder and we can see Matilda’s face clearly. The contrast is nice with a balance of black & white spaces–oh, but it’s such a heartbreaking scene! However…redemption!

    And I’m happy that I was able to get a pretty clean digital version of these inks easily! Then I colored with (mostly)flats, but the inks has some shading/highlights defined, so there’s still dimension!

    The progression in a collage for anyone curious about the process! Y’know, I’m still learning too! 😉

    Another scene redraw with Bunnie & Antoine D’Coolette! In the original, they were facing away from the camera, but I went ahead and turned ’em around! So cute!

    Lastly, Tangle the Lemur! She is adorably angry about something. I really love the motion I achieved in this one WITH thin lines! One thing…I accidentally added a line dividing the area around her eyes like Marine the Raccoon has, thinking that was correct, which I’ve actually done by mistake more than once for her lately–haha XP.

    More of fanart of these characters –> Tangle x Mighty | Matilda | Antoine x Bunnie

    Please stay tuned for more inks this month! Thank you!