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    Don’t tangle with Tangle & Mighty!

    It’s been FOREVER since I’ve shared another solid, refined piece of Tangle x Mighty fanart, but we shall wait–NO MORE! There’s even multiple photos of it, because it’s beautiful and this page is a gallery just for it. Jesus loves you!!!

    And here is the gorgeous sunlight God created peering through the window onto my sketchbook and desk (hey, you’ve never seen my sketchbook in a photo like this before, have you?)

    INSTANT REPLAY–I’ll show them to you again at an angle! (*laughs to self* the image itself is actually named “…awesome-angle…”) FEEL the texture of the paper, SEE the lines that were once penciled but now erased because solid black inks are in their place, HEAR Tangle shouting as she flies into the scene!

    I’m just seriously pleased with this one–I love it! (and yes, I know I say that all the time) *screams with joy* (there, now it’s different that what I normally do)

    My practice with animation technique and bringing life to characters is paying off. (not to mention the composition, which I think worked out really well) Literally, it’s a still image, equivalent to what could be one frame in a movie, but you can imagine the scene moving, right?!

    They’re in the middle of something (past); she’s coming with power, he’s flinging a punch (present), and the action will continue from there (future)!

    Capturing all that in a single art? That’s what I’m talking about! (unless you didn’t imagine any of that lol)

    Seen above is the progression of the piece; I took photos of it at different stages, and now you can see how it all came together. “Base” was with a 2H pencil, which is a bit lighter than your standard pencil; “Sketch” used HB, and “Refined” had a darker 2B in charge of tightening those lines more clearly before proceeding to inks. After the inks, I went ahead and filled areas with black, which gave the art more substance and contrast.

    Lastly, the scan. I think I’ll try adding more variety to the photos I share OF my traditional pieces, like how I incorporated the sunlight/desk above; it just looks nicer than a plain B&W scan, yeah? (but I may still share scans–heehee) (also, a piece of eraser dust by Mighty’s shoe? Looks like dirt–adds to the motion effect XD)

    More Tangle x Mighty art? Want to see how my style has changed with these two as the subject? (that would make a really great post; literally, just my Tangle x Mighty art alone shows my progress, and there is older art that you have never seen…) VIEW HERE!