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    “Celebrate” with Cal & Moxie, ARTLESS is 1!

    It’s been a year?! *laugh* I can’t wait to bring these two on more adventures! Jesus loves you!!!

    (READ issue #1 + issue #2) (or meet the cast)

    See “ARTLESS” in the menu at the top of the site? That used to bring you to a page for issue #1, but now it’s fancier and more organized to help you find the ARTLESS awesomeness, like activities, meet the cast, gallery, shop, etc.! CHECK IT OUT!

    Also, you can get the 5-ct. ARTLESS bookmark pack for $1 + free shipping(sorry, U.S. only…) with promo code “ARTLESS” for this special occasion, so if you need some bookmarks, buy ’em here! (available until April 27, 2024 at 11:59 P.M. PDT)

    Thank you for giving Cal, Moxie, and the whole cast of ARTLESS lots of love! 🙂