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    Original Art


    Mood Color Studies x Limited Color Challenge

    There’s this list of things I want to improve on, which includes color theory. I chose to focus and delve a bit more into color theory, learning more about using color to convey the feeling of a scene without words. Below, you’ll find 7 different moods studies with a twist–IRead the Rest…

    7 Interior Sketch Studies

    A set of studies I did digitally from photo reference–theme: interior spaces. Studies are great because you can practice drawing angles and such, wrap your head around it, and build your confidence. Jesus loves you!!! Once again, these were drawn referencing real photos, and the first photo(left) has a veryRead the Rest…

    A Creative Day Outside with Cal & Moxie

    Traditional art briefly edited digitally with a simple narrative featuring Cal & Moxie, the bro-sis duo of ARTLESS (read issue #1) ! Cal is outside writing–or trying to–the wind seems to be a bit uncooperative with his papers. (but his water bottle isn’t affected by it at all) Moxie hasRead the Rest…

    House Side with Windows – Digital Sketch Study

    LOTS of lines running to establish the perspective of a house’s side + yard. Most of it is lines, then there’s just the really sketchy landscaping! LOL This is the last in my “set of studies from real photos of environments” (it never got a FORMAL name, did it?) ThanksRead the Rest…

    Two Story House – Digital Environment Sketch Study

    A house with windows, a porch, and a nice tree-filled scenery around it! I love the structure, volume, and depth in this one! Part of a set of studies from real photos of environments, to be continued. <– Backyard with Door & Tree From the Beginning House Side with WindowsRead the Rest…

    Backyard with Door & Tree – Environment Study

    Grass, a GIGANTIC tree, and there’s a door…hmmm? Studies from real photos of environments continue! Jesus loves you!!! <– Cave Interior View of Beach From the Beginning Two Story House –>

    Cave Interior View of Beach – Environment Study

    From the inside looking out, a desolate cave with some light from the sunny beach. I like the horizon line on this one. Studies from real photos of environments continue! Jesus loves you!!! <– Chair on Tree at Beach From the Beginning Backyard with Door & Tree –>

    Chair on Tree at Beach Sketch Study

    Another environment photo study with sketchy, thick lines! Whoever took this photo really captured the scene. Such amazing composition and perspective! Jesus loves you!!! <– Buildings Outside From the Beginning Cave Interior View of Beach –>

    Lacey the Sloth | Free Printable ARTLESS Coloring Page

    Lacey is a sweet, amiable girl, little sis to Terry, and the calm one in the quad squad. She tries to be empathetic, viewing things from the perspective of others. Although she differs from Terry greatly in manner, Lacey loves her big sister, regardless. Meet the Cast | More ColoringRead the Rest…

    Terry the Sloth | Free Printable ARTLESS Coloring Page

    Adventure is calling with Terry, a treasured friend of the MustardSeed’s and Lacey’s older sister. She’s confident climbing and loves engaging in debate for fun, but she values Jesus, her family, and friends more than both of those things. Meet the Cast | More Coloring Pages READ ARTLESS #1 HERERead the Rest…