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    “Celebrate” with Cal & Moxie, ARTLESS is 1!

    It’s been a year?! *laugh* I can’t wait to bring these two on more adventures! Jesus loves you!!! (READ issue #1 + issue #2) (or meet the cast) See “ARTLESS” in the menu at the top of the site? That used to bring you to a page for issue #1,Read the Rest…

    Hobey the Narwhal | Free Printable ARTLESS Coloring Page

    A family member who never fails to entertain is Hobey, Cal and Moxie’s cousin and Sue’s twin brother. Always ready to take on a match against anyone, Hobey is a triple threat: sportsman, actor, and more than one language can be found in his vocab(like Korean)! Losing won’t get himRead the Rest…

    Sue the Narwhal | Free Printable ARTLESS Coloring Page

    If you’re up for a challenging game, Sue’s the name! Twin sister to Hobey and cousin to Cal and Moxie, Sue will give her all in any competition! You’ll find that being extremely competitive doesn’t stop her from treating her opponents with humility and respect. Last but not least, SueRead the Rest…

    More Printable ARTLESS Freebies!

    Coming your way with Sue & Hobey coloring pages! (find the rest of the cast HERE!) Coloring pages not your style? No problem, dot-to-dot activities to the rescue! Jesus loves you!!! What is ARTLESS? Maybe you stumbled on this page because you were looking for some awesome printables? Good news–theseRead the Rest…

    Meet Sue & Hobey | ARTLESS

    New art and descriptions for the most recent additions to the cast of ARTLESS (read issue #2 yet?), Moxie and Cal’s cousins, who are also a sister and brother combo: Sue and Hobey the Narwhal twins! Jesus loves you!!! READ ARTLESS #1 | ARTLESS #2 Sue the Narwhal If you’reRead the Rest…

    “Double Play” – Sue and Hobey

    Will Sue get to first base safely, or will Hobey receive the ball in time and get his sister out? Jesus loves you!!! (this was for a storyboard assignment; I’m taking a course that’s temporarily(?) free(I think); view the rest HERE!)

    “Sisters Hanging Out” – Lacey and Terry

    Here are the two sloth sisters, Lacey and Terry, just hanging out in their backyard! Jesus loves you!!! (this was for a storyboard assignment; I’m taking a course that’s temporarily(?) free(I think); view the rest HERE!)

    “Attention” – Cal and Moxie MustardSeed

    Moxie comes running after her big brother with a concerned look–but why? I think that’s something Cal would also like to know, but he might need to wait a second for Moxie to catch her breath. Jesus loves you!!! I love the motion of the lines in this one, reallyRead the Rest…

    My Assignment: 10 Unique Storyboards

    So, you can see the layout/format, it’s in grayscale…this is a storyboard assignment! I’m taking a course that’s temporarily(?) free(I think), and this is for the first lesson! I hope to improve my skills more and I know this will carry into creating comics, which have many, MANY panels. JesusRead the Rest…

    ARTLESS #2 | Back Cover

    <<Extras Start from the Beginning Meet the Cast of ARTLESS!>> Another back cover and official solicitation/description/blurb done! ARTLESS will continue and be back with Cal and Moxie in the next issue! Jesus loves you!!!