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    Bridge – Sonic Fanart with 39 Characters!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! eeeeeeeeeeeee–it’s done!!!! *sigh* That was a lot people to draw and compile, but it was fun! Enjoy the piece, I’ll talk more below! Jesus loves you!!!

    Okay! Hey-hey, it’s a new year! (like being awkwardly thrown on a stage…) *ahem* Anyway, this piece is titled “Bridge”, which works on two levels. First off, this project began last year, and it literally bridged into the new year where now I’ve finally completed it! (makes sense?) Second, “Bridge” also relates to the fact that everyone in this piece is connected because they’re all Sonic characters! EVERYONE in this piece adds up to a grand total of 39! HOW DID I DRAW THAT MANY CHARACTERS?

    Sonic, Amy, Tails, Knuckles, Cream, Vanilla, Antoine, Bunnie, Silver, Blaze, Marine, Whisper, Shadow, Omega, Rouge, Vector, Espio, Charmy, Tangle, Mighty, Matilda, Ray, Maria, Jet, Wave, Storm, Sticks, Big, Froggy, Nack(aka Fang), Bean, Bark, Gardon(this is his first appearance here!), Irish, Eggman, Metal Sonic, Orbot, Cubot(also his first appearance here!), & Infinite–*GASP* THERE’S SO MUCH GOING ON HERE: Matilda watching her brother Ray soar; Whisper being surprised as Shadow runs by (Shadow x Whisper??); a Metal Sonic fiasco; Vector being oblivious to the world; Tangle & Mighty sweetly gazing at each other(Tangle x Mighty); Shadow thinking of Maria; Tails looking at you XDDD (i think that’s just hilarious) What else do you see?

    It really was fun, some days I drew one, others more, sometimes less or none, but it was extremely loose and free! (what can I say, that’s one way I like to art!) Believe it or not, the more tedious part was compiling them all together digitally! (because each character was an individual sketch in my sketchbook)

    I think this project showcases two things I improved on last year: more animated, lively poses & color theory. In fact, all of the characters were sketched in pen, retaining a lot of springy action, and pretty much only utilizing 24 felt pens (+ a few other brush pens/colors)(a more limited palette), forced me to think more about color choices. A few additions were digital, like the background, also optimizing the color (the scans didn’t appear the same as real life; I added correction layers + a gradient map digitally, which isn’t “the same”, but it looks good!)

    Well, enjoy looking at all the fun action in this piece, and bookmark this page to come back for more art!

    Sonic x Amy | Silver x Blaze | Tangle x Mighty | Shadow x Whisper | Vector x Rouge | Antoine x Bunnie |

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