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    “It’s not just because I’m running!” — Vector x Rouge

    Vector trying to reveal his feelings to Rouge, but he doesn’t quite know how to word it…XD

    You’ve gave hearts, waited patiently for months, and now here they are: Vector x Rouge! Their dynamic as couple is really sweet and funny, despite being unexpected.

    Also, NEWS FLASH: Bring Your Bible to School Day is in full swing again this year on October 5, 2023, huge round of applause for everyone participating! You rock! (once again, I didn’t invent this, it’s a real thing; 9th year those folks are doing it, awesome; there are actually resources to help you prepare too)

    Let’s pass a verse forward, yeah?

    “that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” – Romans 10:9

    We can’t save ourselves, and it’s not about how many “good” or “bad” things we do. Eternal life isn’t something you work for or earn. Jesus is the only Way, Truth, and Life, and He gives eternal life to anyone who believes in Him freely because He loves us! That’s why He died on the cross, sacrificing Himself for us, and then rose again alive forevermore! A message everyone needs to hear, and I’m proud to share it!

    Part of “Blushin’ + Crushin’“, a fan art collection that I’m slowing rolling out, featuring soft pastel colors with cute moments between him and her! (see the first one with Sonic x Amy here)

    (Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.)

    Powerhouse Poses with Matilda the Armadillo

    From the desk of…ME! XD

    I had fun mildly decorating and sprucing up the area around the Matilda page in my sketchbook, giving these photos some life with (fake) greenery! Jesus loves you!!!

    Now about the drawings(so this doesn’t turn into a photography post lol), more squashing & stretching practice! My favs are the ones of her lightly running and in mid-air; those feel so natural and in motion, even if proportions are off (but at the same time, isn’t squash + stretch about breaking the normal sizing of things?) (notice there are no speech bubbles for ANY of these; can you imagine different scenarios?)

    Drawing these help me see what I’d like to improve the next time! As far as constructive self-critique(helpful takeaways from this, thus “constructive criticism”; not being critical like, “THIS IS AWFUL!”, and then quitting)…upper-left, her legs feel static; upper-right, can be stretched out wider for more exaggeration + a notch up with her expression would be nice(though as-is, this one could also represent a middle animation frame); The largest one in middle, I want to work more on relaxed poses; full-color, proportions were off, not due to squash + stretch; landing impact, I realized after that her back arm should have been posed differently to achieve what I wanted

    I may not have discovered some of this if I didn’t actually draw her, so that’s why it’s GREAT to practice! And that concludes a very deep dive into my analysis of things. You didn’t think everything I draw comes out exactly how I want it to everytime did you?

    (above, my old art from years ago–I’ve learned so much)

    As you saw, I observed in a constructive way–that is, learning from what I did–and I know I can try to get it next time! Just keep drawing, don’t overwhelm yourself, even focusing on just one aspect you’d like to improve at, and know you’ve got this!

    Look who’s blushing — Sonic x Amy Piko Moment

    Heehee…Amy’s blushing, that’s a given–but Sonic is too, lost in the moment as he restores the Piko Piko hammer to it’s rightful owner.

    Soft color choices, pleasing palettes, cute art–I’d like to think this is the beginning of a new fan art set! (remember Valentine’s Series?) Something along the lines of blushin’ + crushin’? Maybe she blushes at him for the first time, nearly causing him to reveal the secret crush he’s had on her for a while–or perhaps she holds the crush, yet he finds himself blushing at her, as is the case with Sonic & Amy above! There’s so many possible scenarios, so please look forward to it! (I’m also making a new tag for “blush”) Jesus loves you!!!

    Don’t tangle with Tangle & Mighty!

    It’s been FOREVER since I’ve shared another solid, refined piece of Tangle x Mighty fanart, but we shall wait–NO MORE! There’s even multiple photos of it, because it’s beautiful and this page is a gallery just for it. Jesus loves you!!!

    And here is the gorgeous sunlight God created peering through the window onto my sketchbook and desk (hey, you’ve never seen my sketchbook in a photo like this before, have you?)

    INSTANT REPLAY–I’ll show them to you again at an angle! (*laughs to self* the image itself is actually named “…awesome-angle…”) FEEL the texture of the paper, SEE the lines that were once penciled but now erased because solid black inks are in their place, HEAR Tangle shouting as she flies into the scene!

    I’m just seriously pleased with this one–I love it! (and yes, I know I say that all the time) *screams with joy* (there, now it’s different that what I normally do)

    My practice with animation technique and bringing life to characters is paying off. (not to mention the composition, which I think worked out really well) Literally, it’s a still image, equivalent to what could be one frame in a movie, but you can imagine the scene moving, right?!

    They’re in the middle of something (past); she’s coming with power, he’s flinging a punch (present), and the action will continue from there (future)!

    Capturing all that in a single art? That’s what I’m talking about! (unless you didn’t imagine any of that lol)

    Seen above is the progression of the piece; I took photos of it at different stages, and now you can see how it all came together. “Base” was with a 2H pencil, which is a bit lighter than your standard pencil; “Sketch” used HB, and “Refined” had a darker 2B in charge of tightening those lines more clearly before proceeding to inks. After the inks, I went ahead and filled areas with black, which gave the art more substance and contrast.

    Lastly, the scan. I think I’ll try adding more variety to the photos I share OF my traditional pieces, like how I incorporated the sunlight/desk above; it just looks nicer than a plain B&W scan, yeah? (but I may still share scans–heehee) (also, a piece of eraser dust by Mighty’s shoe? Looks like dirt–adds to the motion effect XD)

    More Tangle x Mighty art? Want to see how my style has changed with these two as the subject? (that would make a really great post; literally, just my Tangle x Mighty art alone shows my progress, and there is older art that you have never seen…) VIEW HERE!

    And Action! – Amy Rose, Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles Sketches + Piko

    THE PIKO RETURNS!!! *echoes through your screen into the surrounding area* (because *spoiler* the PIKO appeared in my 20-page fancomic Sononical)

    Amy swinging her piko hammer HARD, I really, really love how her pose came out (had a little trouble rotating that piko, tho’) I just started doodling her the other night with my dual sided pencil (one side is brown, the other black; perfect for sketching a base and then more defined lines) What is she even swinging at?!

    A bit older sketches, these four are–but still relevant. I was practicing with “line of action” (a thing used lots in animation), to create more motion-action-filled poses. I’ve learned that a nice goal is not to just draw still characters on a page, but to draw them so that the viewer can imagine the said scene in motion, as if it were a movie. The fact that our brains can fill in that kind of information–Jesus is awesome!

    Tail Training Tree Tantrum! – Tangle x Mighty

    What a fine day…a mother trying to pass down a skill like tradition to her daughter…just fine…

    Except for the “skill” is using your tail to hold yourself up as you dangle freely from a tree branch, and her daughter is a toddler who doesn’t like it. Tantrum? She calls for backup–her husband. XD

    A cute family scene set “in the FUTURE” with Tangle, Mighty, and their daughter, Lacey the Lemur(my OC)!

    I really love Lacey’s toddler dialogue; it’s adorably hilarious! It’s been a while since I posted Tangle x Mighty art, but as you can see, I have not forgotten about them! Give hearts to show me you want to see more, and stop by the Tangle x Mighty page to see more(if you haven’t already)! Jesus loves you!!!

    This piece was just letting loose with pencils digitally; exaggerated poses and expressions and simple flats; this isn’t the first piece I’ve posted like this…

    Mood Color Studies x Limited Color Challenge

    There’s this list of things I want to improve on, which includes color theory. I chose to focus and delve a bit more into color theory, learning more about using color to convey the feeling of a scene without words.

    Below, you’ll find 7 different moods studies with a twist–I forced myself to use limited color palettes, mixing only a set of 3-5 colors + B&W. (lineart color makes a huge difference as well) (the base is a study I sketched from reference, btw) Jesus loves you!!!

    “Shocked” Buster Moon Sing 2

    This is from WAAAAYYY early this year(before I did the 31 Buster drawings in July), but here he is, BUSTER MOON–again! A sketch from a movie frame, at this point, I hadn’t drawn him too much; that is no longer the case! I’ve definitely improved, especially on his ears(view Buster in July to compare; remember this is the older one)! Jesus loves you!!!

    7 Interior Sketch Studies

    A set of studies I did digitally from photo reference–theme: interior spaces. Studies are great because you can practice drawing angles and such, wrap your head around it, and build your confidence. Jesus loves you!!!

    Once again, these were drawn referencing real photos, and the first photo(left) has a very interesting chandelier! These studies are composed of lots of sketchy pencil lines, and when compared to the actual reference, it’s more simplified, but that still works for me! Also, I do not like drawing spiral staircases…ha!

    This one just has so many different pieces to create one living room/kitchen area. I like the reflection in the coffee table!

    Lots of angles and various lines running different directions here; I’m glad to have captured the lived in state of the room…there’s personality!

    Literally–pretty basic shading in these studies, but with my noise brush I can still give texture to the areas that don’t need EXTREME shades. (how do you like the studies I did of the mini bird art portraits on the wall, by the way? –studies inside a study–)

    Lastly, this dining setup–some chairs, a table, computer–but look in the window…yes, more reflections!

    Thank you for viewing and taking interest in my art and learning journey! Keep creating awesome stuff!

    Orbot–a finger sketch

    Orbot makes his first appearance here, and plot twist, I drew him with my finger! (okay, maybe it’s not a plot twist if you already saw the subject; simply saying “plot twist” can establish suspense?) (I cropped it after NOT with my finger)

    This isn’t the first piece I’ve done with my finger–heart if you like seeing my random finger fanart(sounds like finger painting, but yeah, I think that’s what I’ll call this style from now on! XD) Jesus loves you!!!