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    “Balancing Act” Tails, Sonic, & Silver

    I’m trying to build up my skills, right? So I’m learning more animation basics to help me in creating better, convincing non-animated art(that sounds backwards, but trust me)(plus, it’s just handy to know; you never know what I might share…hint-hint)

    I asked for some suggestions on who I could draw for this prompt:

    Tails flying and carrying confident Character A, who in turn is carrying nervous Character B”

    There were a good bit of suggestions, but Sonic and Silver were the ones I saw being suggested most, so I chose those two. Thank you to everyone who helped me get through the choosing phase! Jesus loves you!!!

    The character dynamic is interesting, because we normally see Tails tote-ing Sonic around, but Silver? Where’d he come from?

    The colors and inks are pretty “free”, the main focus was the pose of the characters and the expressions. I want to practice more animation physics stuff, since it helps with things like believability, but I didn’t think about it too deeply for this piece(hopefully the weight balance in the trio stack is believable). I did implement the animation principle of “squash and stretch” on Tails’ arms, however. (because they would not be that long in reality…)