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    ARTLESS Issue #2 – an original comic series

    Guess what’s out! That’s right, a brand new adventure with Cal and Moxie! ARTLESS #2 has arrived and it’s FREE to read, just like issue #1 was (and still is–if you haven’t yet, READ FIRST)! You were left with the note that #2 would be released this year, and two weeks before Christmas, here’s my gift to you all (but Jesus is the REAL gift always)!

    Official Solicitation: “We’re going to our cousins’ house!” Cal and Moxie are visiting their cousins, Sue and Hobey, to spend the night! Nothing but four times the family fun and memories…what could possibly go wrong? Fasten your seatbelts and come along for this unforgettable sleepover!

    Wha?? Two NEW characters?! Yes, but I won’t tell you anything about these two–READ TO FIND OUT YOURSELF! XDD (and do NOT skip that thank you page!)

    And thanks for loving issue #1 everyone! Do you realize that you’re all among the first fans of ARTLESS? I appreciate how you all take the time to press that button; seeing the hearts climb means so MUCH, so thank you :’) !


    Use the arrows to go to the next page(they’re kind of hard to see)

    (once again, I've posted each page of ARTLESS #2 as an individual post with random commentary; flip through here!)

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