It's Flamingo Frenzy Time!

Like my art? Well, it's coming. Something new and exciting. Maybe even unexpected, like the flamingo in the BG. You probably didn't think she was going to show up on your screen...

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ARTLESS Issue #1 | Page 18 | Table Talk

Yes, my computer actually forced ME to restart during the creation of this comic, which was annoying, BUT–it actually ended up being timely and helpful because I was able to use it as Moxie’s problem in the story! (gotta observe the things around ya’!)

~”Machines can’t think, they only crunch data. Computers ARE NOT and NEVER WILL BE people.” Although technology is seemingly getting “smarter” around us, it’s not real thinking! This statement is important to me, because the human brain is more than a computer. We are created by God with the precious breath of life, and anyone who believes in Jesus is saved. Every life is important and special!