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    A Former Whisper: Part 1

    So, Sononical: Heroes N’ Hearts has wrapped up, right? And I said I would still release art, right? Today, that art just so happens to be a comic strip that has two parts. Part 1, that’s here, now. Part 2? Sorry guys, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow! It’s out now! Cliff hangers…haha…Finding THIS comic and never heard of Sononical? You just HAVE to read my 20-page comic HERE! If you’re interested in my comics and art, subscribe to the email list(only if 18 or older)! Jesus loves you!!!

    The inks(besides some digital edits) were done on REAL paper in my sketchbook, with color added digitally(well, some of the line art was colored with brush tip markers). I hope my lettering is read-able…And also, this comic takes place in the past. Slinger the Ocelot is 14, and let’s say at this time Whisper was 15. (Slinger is a real character, he was Whisper’s teammate.)