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    A Creative Day Outside with Cal & Moxie

    Traditional art briefly edited digitally with a simple narrative featuring Cal & Moxie, the bro-sis duo of ARTLESS (read issue #1) !

    Cal is outside writing–or trying to–the wind seems to be a bit uncooperative with his papers. (but his water bottle isn’t affected by it at all)

    Moxie has stopped to draw a daisy with a few beads of dew on the petals in the grass. (perhaps it’s leftover drops from RAIN?)

    Take this as a prompt for your own creativity! Write a story, get out your sketchbook, brainstorm, do something creative–you’ve got this!

    This was drawn in my sketchbook with finetip markers and colored pencils! (plus a pencil to sketch the bases at first, I think?)