Sonic VS Belle 3D Animation

Jesus loves you!!! oh my goodness, this is really it! And I finished this just in time for Sonic‘s birthday(oh yeah, happy 31st bday Sonic, the forever 15-yo, lol) Modeling, rigging, n’ animating Belle, plus all the rest was such a blast and I’m so happy the animation more

*watch it, just do it, plz

Tangle the Lemur x Mighty the Armadillo

What?! Yes, here is the stuff with Tangle the Lemur & Mighty the Armadillo, two Sonic characters we proudly ship. On this page, you’ll find LOTS Tangle x Mighty content(like seriously, it's unbelievable)! Fan Art, drawing time-lapses, even an animation! Jesus loves you!!!

let's see what this is all about!

♥Shadow the Hedgehog x Whisper the Wolf♥

I present this piece, which reveals the girl who I REALLY ship Shadow the Hedgehog with. Ladies and gentlemen, Shadow the Hedgehog x Whisper the Wolf! ♥♥♥ Titled, “Confrontation”, I dunno, maybe Shadow marched up in fury because he just couldn’t take it more

*yo, i drew that?

Pretty Surge the Tenrec in a Dress w/ Hair Down

I drew Surge the Tenrec from Sonic the Hedgehog in a…I guess I’ll call it a shredded-type floor-length dress! A very show-stopping moment is created in the spotlight as wind blows Surge’s hair with the rolling fog, but would any guy dare to dance with this girl who’ more

*i love this piece

Moxie MustardSeed in The Great Hand-to-Hand Fighting Meme

...I’m so excited to unveil my new character! Her name is Moxie MustardSeed, and I plan on releasing more content with her, so be on the look out! For now, please enjoy her debut more

*give her some love

The 100 Faces Meme Challenge(Completed!)

Split up the 100 Faces Meme Challenge with another artist! 50 images drawn within an hour(-ish) time limit(excluding the final one!) Jesus loves you!!!

view them all!

Let’s 3D Model: Belle the Tinkerer from Sonic!

Hello, hello! Whether you’re a visitor who’s been here before, someone who’s come because you like my art, or you’re just plain new, welcome! I’m creating Belle the Tinkerer from Sonic the Hedgehog as a 3D model! I started on March 25, 2022, so follow along on my journey asRead the Rest…

Moxie the Snail: Dare to Stand For Jesus

A new piece of Moxie art! Just a shaded render I did of her with 5 words I hope inspires others. “Dare to Stand For Jesus” You are not alone. You’ve got Jesus by your side and other believers! I’m proud to be a part of that stand!

Old Art Dump: Pride & Prejudice/Sonic Fan Art

This art, it’s old, but I am sharing it(and I have other old art, but I’m just sharing these for now!) Please enjoy this blast to the past! First up, Sonic and Amy under the mistletoe at a Christmas party. I remember being so proud of this, it took FOREVERRead the Rest…

Belle the Tinkerer in Sonic Frontiers?!

I seriously doubt that this would ACTUALLY happen in Sonic Frontiers, but still, here is a fake trailer for “Belle Frontiers”. I threw this together really quickly, and I’m just impressed with the effects(I learned from a internet tutorial, duh…) Hope you like it! (also some still renders from theRead the Rest…

Whisper the Wolf: Eyes Open Sketch Studies

EVEN MORE STUDIES YAYYYYY!!!! I did 2 sheets of Whisper, referencing lots of photos where her eyes are open! (and apparently I fit 8 photos on each page) I also used pen instead of pencil this time. Pros and cons of using pen over pencil, pro — not as muchRead the Rest…

A Few MORE Maria Studies

I finished off the pictures of Maria that I wanted to study for now…TWO SHEETS people…it was fun, and there’s actually multiple styles! Remember, these are studies, so I was redrawing existing photos. Like sketch studies? View more here!

A Few Maria Robotnik Sketch Studies

Back to the sketch studies(I say “back”, because remember the 5 sheets of Tangle x Mighty studies?), but this time, she’s a character I haven’t drawn much…Maria Robotnik! I want to learn how to draw people better(y’know, humans?), and what better way to do that than drawing a human SonicRead the Rest…

Baby Shadow the Hedgehog – Autumn Theme

Snapped a photo of a sketch from an older sketchbook. I’m trying to experiment with Clip Studio Paint’s fill tool, still learning, but here is Baby Shadow the Hedgehog! Hope you like it! Jesus loves you!!!

Sonic Frontiers FAN ART!!

If you’ve heard about Sonic(or games) recently, you may know that Sonic Frontiers is set to release VERY soon! So, here’s some fan art of Sage, the new mysterious girl who we’re slowing learning more about, and the pink-haired lady from the background of TailsTube!! (yo, does she count asRead the Rest…

Cream the Rabbit Flying Cute Playful Fanart

I drew this picture to participate in a drawing challenge. The optional prompt for today was “playful”, and the theme was animals, so I did a photo of Cream the Rabbit flying! It’s “playful” because either she’s taking a selfie or maybe she’s video calling with friends! I’m proud becauseRead the Rest…

Whisper the Wolf as MKT: Northern Lights Rosalina

Fancy new art with eyes wide open, it’s Whisper! She’s wearing Rosalina’s dress(Northern Lights) from Mario Kart Tour! I’m super satisfied with this piece, and I would have to say one of the hardest parts was re-creating the northern light pattern on her dress. This was obviously made a wholeRead the Rest…